Wattleseed Crunch Milk Chocolate


Experience a symphony of flavours and textures with Melbourne Bushfood’s irresistible Wattleseed Crunch block.

Delight in its nutty allure, as the essence of coffee-like sweetness compliment the savoury popcorn undertones. The indulgent creaminess of Milk Chocolate is expertly infused with wattleseed, creating a sensation of textures.

Thoughtfully packaged in a plastic-free and non-toxic packet made using Kraft paper and corn starch for the interior and non-toxic plant-based inks. 100% biodegradable.

Melbourne Bushfood hand-makes artisan, small-batch native food products in their Melbourne kitchen. No mass-production, just hands, and a lot of them. They’re on a social mission to put native foods into tummies across Australia while supporting First Nations Enterprises through direct purchasing, infrastructure, employment and training. Locally-, sustainably-sourced food products are what they do. They are not into monoculture, mass-production or overseas manufacturing. Melbourne Bushfood support Australian growers, hire local labour and reinvest their profits into remote Aboriginal Communities, doing what business should be - good for the world. 

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