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A sensory journey for lovers of flowers and calm. Tantalise all of your senses with this luxury gift selection. Valued at over $225 this limited edition gift selection is currently $175.

Wisteria du Japon incense.

50 x 15 minute incense sticks celebrating the aroma of Wisteria. Fresh, floral and green while rooted in earthy sandalwood.

Gem Stone Incense Holder

Hand made in Melbourne by artist Rebecca Wisby, each holder is hand carved and glazed.  Colours will vary.

Organic Floral Love Tea

A vibrant blend of petals come together to create this soothing loose leaf mix. Flavours will vary

Loco Love Chocolate 

A luxurious chocolate bite featuring organic and refined sugar free chocolate and magical properties. Flavours will vary.

Navy Organic Linen Eye Pillow

Hand-made in Melbourne, this linen covered eye pillow will soothe you in meditation and rest. Comes with matching linen cover.

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