Our Kin: Becky Wisby | Brunswick, Melbourne, Australia

Tell me a little about Rebecca?

I’m Bec. I’m a fledgling potter, mother, kindergarten teacher, doula, art therapy graduate and general creative. A bit of a jack of all trades really. I enjoy the diversity in what I do and love learning new skills.

How did your ceramics practice come about?  Has it changed over time?

Over the years I’ve explored all kinds of creative mediums and processes, including life drawing, book binding, weaving and basketry, felting, drawing and ceramics.

Ceramics stuck! I took a taster class, a weekend workshop, began regular evening classes and eventually enrolled in a studio program and bought my own wheel. I have slowly built up my home studio over the last three or four years and find the time to tinker twice a week.

Where's your favourite place to create?

I’m super comfy working at home amongst my own mess and ideas but the community and conversations we share at SOCA in Brunswick leave my mind brimming with inspiration. It really is an incredible place to learn and grow as a potter and an artist. There are infinite avenues to explore and clay landscapes to transverse.

Do you create to feel inspired, or do you need to feel inspired to create?

Process inspires me. I find following a series of steps to reach something new and noticing the experience along the way deeply fulfilling. The finished piece is the gold at the end of the rainbow.

Initially, I was fascinated by form. I made small, wonky vases and I loved them. I embraced their imperfection and glazed everything white, which worked to almost highlight the wobbles and unevenness, but people seemed to enjoy the stark honesty and the beauty in trying. Since then, I have been following the trail of opportunity as it arises.

I have my work stocked at a number of local and regional stores and am working with select small businesses to make specific objects to compliment their wares.

The range of objects I make now has expanded to all kinds of useful things for everyday rituals. I make cups and mugs, bowls, platters, jars, paint pots, planters, stands for Kokedamas, mortar and pestles and incense holders. It’s important to me that what I make is both functional and beautiful. Robust enough to handle life and designed to be loved.

My work is also evolving to be more refined and colourful. I’m especially enjoying working with bright glazes and applying them with painterly spontaneity. Playing along the line between chance and planning.

Do you have any other design or making practices?

For me, being creative is about connection, expression, capturing a moment and tapping into contentment. It’s essential. Making allows for a shedding and output of thoughts, ideas, and feelings as well as an input of joy, growth and tuning into self.

Making things makes me happy.


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