Our Story

We curate luxurious incense and accessories from around the world to elevate everyday moments into sense-tingling ritual.

Tresna Lee, Kin North Founder believes:

- that every day should have at least 15 minutes of calm

- that the quality of our experiences create a meaningful and pleasurable life

- that the objects we bring into our homes should be not only functional, but beautiful

- that artisanal and well crafted objects are worth waiting for

- that incense is the best way to create calm and mindful moments in our home

Tresna's favourite ways to find calm:

- Burning Home Incense

- Listening to a soothing playlist

- A walk in nature

I started Kin after experiencing a period of burn out. I’d fallen into the trap of defining my worth by how much I worked, my title, and how many balls I could juggle at once. Read my story here.


Rituals for Remembering

Indulgent yet Considered

Connection and Belonging