How to use your incense holder

When you invest in high quality incense and accessories, you want to extract every last moment of experience and ensure you are using them safely. 

Our incense holders are especially made to hold the unique style of incense that we stock here at Kin.

Firstly, choose a safe surface for your incense ritual.

If you are using one of our very small 2-3cm holders, consider putting a small ceramic plate underneath your holder. Our larger holders will capture ash from 7cm sticks if you position the incense correctly. 


Next, insert your incense stick in the hole of the holder at roughly 30-degrees.  Try to avoid putting it vertically or in a position which allows the stick to drop more than a few millimetres into the hole.

The 30-degree positioning wedges the incense against the sides of the hole, making it more stable. It also prolongs the duration of the aromatic ritual by enabling the majority of the incense to be burned.

Light the incense stick up and wait for a moment. Let it ignite, and then gently blow it out.

Observe the kindling stick as it releases subtle wisps of fragrant smoke.

Feel free to slow down, indulge the senses and tune into your inner world with this beautiful aromatic ritual.  You may like to pair it with one of our playlists.

Never leave burning incense unattended. 

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