Your perfect scent based on your star sign

A new year is on the horizon and we can hardly believe it. If you’re anything like us, you might be contemplating some changes for the year ahead.

For us, a new year calls for a bit of a home refresh, starting with a new scent for our space. But there are so many beautiful fragrances out there, it can seem near impossible to test and sniff your way to the perfect one.

Well, there might be an easier way to narrow down your options – in fact, your new signature scent could be written in the stars.

Regardless of whether you subscribe to the 12 signs of the zodiac or not, you can still have a lot of fun with your astrology. After all, there are some eerily specific personality traits that correspond to the 12 horoscopes, and whether you believe it or not, some of these traits simply cannot be denied!

Everyone knows a Leo who is the life of the party, a Pisces whose emotions run deep or a Gemini with whip-smart wit. There is definitely something to it. And, as it turns out, astrology charts prove very useful when trying to land on a new fragrance. So, just for fun, we have paired each sign to what we think is its corresponding signature scent.


Aries (Fire)


Fierce, ambitious, optimistic, determined and wildly competitive, Aries signs face even the most difficult challenges head on. They are strong characters, with even stronger opinions, and are unapologetic about what they believe. Frankincense is the perfect scent to match these fiery folks because its spicy and woody notes beautifully embody the intensity and burning optimism of this sign.


Taurus (Earth)


Stubborn yet sensual, practical yet sensitive, Taureans thrive in calm environments where their senses are indulged. They enjoy a decadent lifestyle but aren’t afraid to put their heads down to do the work to get what they want. We have paired this sign with Love Carrot, an earthy, yet luxurious scent that grounds and settles while creating an atmosphere of palpable calm.


Gemini (Air)


Incredibly playful, curious and social, Geminis can maintain friendships with such skill it’s like they’re spinning plates. On top of this, they can also expertly juggle their many different passions and interests. Their minds move fast, but their wit moves even faster. They’re certainly the sign that will keep you on your toes. Mimosa embodies Gemini’s warmth and playfulness. It’s a scent that holds the promise of sunny days where our dear Gems can delight in picnics and a drop of fine wine with their friends.


Cancer (Water)


Deeply intuitive and empathetic to their core, Cancers value creature comforts and seek to create safe spaces for themselves and the ones they love. Home is the perfect scent for this gentle, nurturing sign. It evokes a feeling of loving comfort and nostalgia that will remind Cancers of their happiest place and let them recall their most precious memories.


Leo (Fire)


Leos are zodiac royalty, and boy, do these natural leaders love the spotlight. But guess what? The spotlight loves them right back. Leos are intensely passionate and always inspired. They’re energized by extravagance but require consistency and stability to maintain their vigour. The blazing energy of a Leo is balanced by Wisteria du Japon. It creates a feeling of stability and composure, and leaves a lingering, luxurious scent in a space.


Virgo (Earth)


Virgos are a sign of contradictions. They are known for being organised and meticulous and uber methodical and logical. They strive for perfection from themselves but are completely accepting of other’s faults. They’re firm but soft and also kind, gentle and the most supportive friends. Baby Angel has a warm and soothing scent with an understated sweetness that perfectly encapsulates Virgo’s down-to-earth realism and with their otherworldly gentleness.


Libra (Air)


Represented by a set of scales, it’s no secret that Librans strive to maintain balance and harmony in all of their pursuits. They are brilliant at cultivating meaningful relationships and they surround themselves with beautiful things. Tokyo Kodo’s 100% natural Magnolia incense strikes the perfect balance between woody and sweet. It’s a scent that we consider an ‘invisible work of art’ – perfect for those beauty-loving Libras.


Scorpio (Water)


Yes, they’re intense and mysterious, but deep-down Scorpios seek intimate, sacred and soulful connections. They’re intuitive and deep and can demonstrate incredible empathy for almost anyone. What else could we pair with this enigmatic sign than Sacred Wood? Palo Santo’s role in centuries-old cleansing rituals has given it the name ‘sacred wood’, and it is valued for its strong aroma that clears a space of negative energy. It is perfect for Scorpios who crave spiritual clarity.


Sagittarius (Fire)


The zodiac’s poster child for thrill and adventure, Sagittarius is on a constant search for knowledge. They are driven by wanderlust. They’re witty and funny, great story tellers and usually the life of the party. Murmure de la Foret, means “whisper of the forest”. With notes of sandalwood and patchouli, it is a beautiful representation of nature and the great outdoors, the places where dear Sag feels the most at home.


Capricorn (Earth)


Capricorns are mentally and emotionally resilient, efficient and mature. There is no mountain too big for a Capricorn. They place great value on their professional life but always make time for fun and play. Aotake (Green Bamboo) has a soothing freshness and represents the strength and flexibility of its namesake which beautifully mirrors Capricorn’s own resilience to adversity.


Aquarius (Air)


Aquarians are humanitarians at their core and always champion causes close to their hearts. They’re innovative thinkers and strive to effect social change. They’re rebellious, free spirited, proud odd balls with, sometimes, the most peculiar of interests and reject the conventional and boring. Cleansing and herbal, Archangel is a fragrance with a calming reverence akin to the brave new world that Aquarians are creating for us all.


Pisces (Water)


Pisces are driven by intuition, imagination and emotion. They’re deeply sensitive and empathic to the energy of others. Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac, so these little fishes absorb everything from the seasons that came before making them wise and extremely compassionate. Lotus du Japon has a gentle floral scent that fills a space with calmness and peace. This relaxing scent stimulates feelings of self-compassion that can help dear Pisces recharge their own emotional batteries.

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