What makes our Incense so special?

It all began when Chikako Perez, a third generation incense maker, travelled to Grasse France to study the art of French perfumery.  There she not only fell in love with fragrance creation, but a French man - Geoffrey - who she went on to marry. They returned to Tokyo and Tokyo Kodo was born. Blending both the tradition on Japanese Incense with the beauty of French perfumery, they create incense unlike anything you have tried before. 

Kin North is proud to be a retailer and distributor of these works of scented art from Tokyo Kodo as well as creating our own incense under our brand Kin.

How is Japanese incense made?

There is a lot of precision and artistry that goes into crafting incense, especially when done in small batches by a true artisan such as Tokyo Kodo. Natural elements such as sandalwood, rose, patchouli, and cedar, are powdered  and blended with water and tree resin before being extruded like spaghetti, into thin strands. These strands are carefully dried over many weeks and result in straight and perfect sticks ready to burn.