Our Kin: Haily Tran | Melbourne, Australia

What did young Haily want to be when she grew up? 

I never really knew exactly. But I knew I wanted to be a contributor to society. I just needed to find how. 

Who modeled success for you growing up and is this something you have tried to emulate, or reshape/reject, as you’ve forged your own career?

Alicia Keys. When I first saw her on TV I was completely infatuated with her. Her musicality, the way she owned her instruments and the freedom she was able to live through them. That’s all I ever wanted. And still want today. Whether it be musical or anything else in life, I love putting the time in to think about things, plan things and do them. Repeating this process, re-assessing along the way and re-setting goals to suit my evolution of thought.  

You play the cello and create beautiful calligraphy. Who/what inspired you to pursue your craft? 

Mr. Grant in grade 5 started us with our first calligraphy class. Since then, I’ve been practicing throughout adult life. Whenever I can help anyone with writing to make things that little bit more special- I take the opportunity! 
I’ve been singing in a jazz duo (Sweet Myrtle) since my twenties. In my thirties, I thought it would be a cool experiment to see how my brain will adapt to learning an instrument that is focussed on listening skills alone. The cello was perfect because it has the same range as the human voice and it doesn’t have any frets! It forced me to actively listen. I have a cello teacher (Mee na Lojewsky from Affinity Collective) that is very inspiring. She nurtures me but also challenges me.

Both calligraphy writing and cello playing require the same elements. They are slow, difficult crafts that take patience and being okay with producing very average results for many years. The improvement you see or hear are not necessarily quantifiable either. What I love most about them is that there is no end. There will always be more to challenge me. 

Do artistic pursuits help you feel inspired, or must you feel inspired to pursue them?

I am easily inspired. Creativity pours out of me (sometimes uncontrollably!) I’m not just inspired by artistic pursuits, but also with all that is happening in society. I very much believe that in small ways I change my surroundings and that they in turn actively change me. With everything I create, I hope this process reflects exactly that. 

What are the small pleasures and rituals you enjoy on the daily?

My days are somewhat flexible. But one non-negotiable part is my ‘Morning ritual’. I’m a very good sleeper so I usually don’t wake up before 8am. Once my eyes are opened, I have a scrumptious cuddle session with my fur children Brian and Harvey in bed. 
The moment I get out of bed, I start off with three morning rituals: 

  1. Burning Kin North incense - Invisible art

  2. Tea - Warm up the soul 

  3. Journaling - Morning pages 

The rest of day is about soaking in what our wonderful world has to offer!

When it comes to finding calm in Melbourne, what are your go to destinations or activities? 

Cibi Cafe for tea and journaling.
Rationale for skincare and therapy in one. 
Sense of Self for a hard reset. 


Reading ‘Expert’ by Prof. Roger Kneebone.

Watching ‘Mozart in the jungle’ series for the third time.

Listening Saleka, a new artist featured on the ‘Servant’ season 3 soundtrack.

Smelling Diptyque’s ‘Do Son’. I’m addicted.

Tasting Ima Project cafe. I have a Japanese brekky then finish off with a matcha cannele. 


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