How to Break the Cycle of Burnout

According to a report published in the Wall Street Journal, women are putting in longer hours at their jobs, spent more time caring for children and doing more work around the house than the previous year. ⁣
They also spent less time socializing, relaxing and sleeping. ⁣ Women are juggling a lot of life's obligations, and it's resulting in stress and burnout. How do we learn to break the cycle?

Here are 3 tips to break the cycle of burnout.

1) Sort our your priorities: Both personally and professionally, what is non-negotiable? What are the most important commitments you must uphold at the office and with your family or community? Getting clear on what's important will help you figure out what you can let go of.⁣

2) Learn to delegate: Spoiler alert! You can't do everything on your own! Again, decide what's a priority (what are the things that you're great at or the things that only you can do) and what can be given to someone else. ⁣

3) Make time for yourself: Our favourite. Carve out time to do things that you love - the things that will fill you back up if you're feeling flat or depleted. Leisure time is underrated in our culture, but it's a part of the larger priority of taking care of yourself. ⁣


What's one thing you can remove from your "to-do" list (either in your professional or personal life) so you create space for leisure and self-attention?


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