How To: Do a Mindful Weekly Recap

Do you ever stop mid-week and think, how is it Wednesday already? Or look at the calendar and can't believe your eyes that half the year is over? ⁣

We're moving so fast that our weeks, months and years blur together. We need to slow down and we need time to reflect. ⁣ An activity we love doing is doing a mindful weekly recap. It helps us celebrate our accomplishments, address our losses, and create goals for the following week. ⁣

Want to give it a try? It will only take 5 minutes! ⁣

Step one: celebrate your wins. Take one minute to write down what you accomplished and don't forget the details. We often look at our “wins” in terms of work/career but they don’t have to be. Expand your thinking of wins and success to include all areas of your life. For example, did you cook your meals at home and not spend money eating out? Did you get the kids to school on time everyday? Were you able to get to a movement class before work? Write down everything that comes to mind.

Step two: Look at your losses. We admit this is the not so fun part but it’s critical to look at what didn’t go right. So what did you miss or fail at this week? Is there a situation that makes you feel uneasy or unsettled? Have you left something unsaid? Take one minute to jot down notes and write out how you will fix it moving forward. ⁣

Step Three: Create goals for next week. You’ve looked at what went right and you’ve looked at what went wrong. You’ve spent time reflecting and now it’s time to spend time planning. Set your next week up for success by prioritizing what you want to accomplish and how you are going to do it. For example; “ I will touch base with all of my clients by Wednesday by spending 30 minutes every morning reaching out to them.”


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