Find the perfect scent for you based on your Enneagram type

If you’re anything like us, you’ll understand that fragrance preference is personal. But, if you put preference aside for a moment and consider this thought: there might be a way to choose a fragrance based solely on your personality. 

Just like pairing the right food with a carefully-selected wine, picking a signature scent that is compatible with your one-of-a-kind character can be a tricky task. But, if you get it right, it can truly enhance your daily life. Like a match made in heaven. 

We have taken the guesswork out of this exercise and carefully paired up a selection of incense fragrances with the nine personality types of the Enneagram.

For those of you who don't know - The Enneagram is a model of the human psyche that offers incredible insight into how we function as humans. You can take a comprehensive test to find out your Enneagram type - you could be the Reformer, the Helper, the Achiever, the Individualist, the Investigator, the Loyalist, the Enthusiast, the Challenger or the Peacemaker - and then are offered customised lifestyle recommendations specific to your ‘type’, such as tips for dealing with stress or anxiety or support towards personal growth. Don’t know your type? You can access the quiz here. And then, once you know, you can read on to find the perfect incense for you.


The Reformer paired with Love Carrot

Reformer types are those wise, well-organised and realistic folk, who constantly strive to be better than the day before. They continually seek and then apply improvements and do so while maintaining enormously high standards of themselves and others. The result? You guessed it - perfectionism! And, excessive self-criticism. But the good news is, our Reformer friends can achieve balance by learning to enjoy the process and letting go of high expectations. 

Love Carrot is a very grounding fragrance. The earthy scent of seed oil mixed with the bright, fruity smell of orange and patchouli is a soothing and refreshing combination. The aroma invites Reformers to reconsider their behaviour and create a sense of calm. We think Love Carrot can encourage Reformers to continue to strive for good, but also encourages them to slow down and enjoy the process of becoming by being in the present moment. 


The Helper paired with Fleur D’Orient 

Helper personality types are warm-hearted, friendly empaths who need to feel loved, appreciated and on good terms with everyone. But, this often means our Helpers are perpetual people pleasers and can become out of touch with their own needs. Sound familiar? 

The Fleur D'Orient scent creates a perfect opportunity for Helpers to first pay attention to their relationship with the self before supporting others. This beautiful incense promotes self-compassion through subtle floral notes of rose, geranium, and chamomile. We suggest building a gentle ritual of self-acceptance by lighting your incense, breathing deeply and then naming three things you need and three things for which you are grateful. Treat this scented ritual as a gentle reminder to listen to your inner voice and become your own best friend. 

The Achiever paired with Wisteria du Japon

Ambitious, energetic and attractive Achievers are often looked up to by those close to them. They love to impress others and often work so hard that they’re dubbed the ‘workaholics’ of their friend group… burn out, anyone? Achievers tend to worry about their image and what others think of them, and look for external validation rather than honouring their own authenticity. 

Learning to rest between taking on new ambitious challenges is crucial for the mental wellbeing of Achievers. Wisteria du Japon provides an uplifting and soothing aroma for a ritual of roundedness, relaxation and reconnecting with the self. Wisteria trees symbolise longevity and immortality while representing stability. The vibrant, floral fragrance is rooted in earthy sandalwood which encourages focus and creativity, making it a perfect match for Achievers. 


The Individualist paired with Lotus du Japon

Individualists have many strengths including acute self-awareness, creativity and honesty. At times, though, they can view themselves as less than, and feel the need to hide any vulnerability inside them. If you know (or are) an Individualist, we suggest observing your feelings rather than becoming overwhelmed by them. 

Lotus du Japon fosters emotional clarity, from which Individualists can seriously benefit. This delicate and ethereal incense also sends a powerful, symbolic message. The lotus, one of the main ingredients in this fragrance, is a plant that grows in muddy water. Its roots reach deep, allowing the plant to ground itself before its beautiful blooms rise to the surface. By committing to the grounding ritual of lighting your Lotus du Japon fragrance, Individualists can plant themselves firmly in the present moment so they bloom and show up in the world as their authentic self. 

The Investigator paired with Fleur D'Orient

Investigators like to know all the hows and whys behind, well, everything! They're curious, innovative and independent pioneers who seem way ahead of their time. Investigators avoid doing things that seem ‘useless’ because they never want to be thought of as incapable. 

So, it makes sense that unwinding and relaxing is rather challenging for those busy Investigators. That’s why "meditation, jogging, yoga and dancing are especially good for them". We suggest lighting the uplifting Fleur D’Orient fragrance before flowing through yoga or moving your body in a way that feels good for you. Rose, geranium and chamomile will help you feel supported to reconnect to your physical body. 


The Loyalist paired with Baby Angel 

Loyalists are hard-working, committed and reliable people that yearn for security in their life. If you are a Loyalist, chances are you are a fantastic friend and go out of your way to foster cooperation and support the people you love most. But, Loyalists tend to fight against their own anxiety or insecurities instead of acknowledging them. It’s time we show our dear Loyalists some love. 

Baby Angel creates an atmosphere of safety and encourages deep relaxation. Light your incense and try to get comfortable with any uncomfortable feelings as they arise while remaining blanketed by the comforting scent of Rhododendron, Osmanthus and Indian Sandalwood. Remember this: you can breathe through anything.  

The Enthusiast paired with Murmure de la Foret

As their name would suggest, Enthusiasts seek stimulation, freedom and happiness. They're extroverted, optimistic, high-spirited and spontaneous. But, for our Enthusiastic friends these traits are like a double-edged sword and can quickly turn into a chaotic, undisciplined, impulsive mess. What our energetic Enthusiasts need is balance. 

We suggest creating a ritual of slowing right down and giving your full attention to the simple experience of being in here, now. And, breathe. Allow serenity to fill your mind, and breathe in the earthy, rich aroma of Murmure de la Foret. This fragrance is an invitation to find joy in solitude and tranquillity. It’s just the thing Enthusiasts need to unwind. 

The Challenger paired with Aotake Green Bamboo 

Challengers strive to be independent, resourceful, and prove their strength to others. They also tend to hide any signs of weakness and refuse to be seen as vulnerable. The driving force in Challengers is the desire to be in control of their own life and destiny, which sometimes means the dreaded ego can over. 

Our fragrance, Aotake Green Bamboo, represents the strength and flexibility of bamboo. We think these two traits combined equal resilience and power. Think of this fragrance as your personal reminder that vulnerability does not equal weakness. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Being vulnerable is a display of true human strength. So, we encourage our Challengers to be like bamboo - vulnerable yet brave, strong yet adaptable. 


The Peacemaker paired with Home

All those who crave inner stability and a sense of harmony in their environment, raise your hands! Oh yes, being a Peacemaker means having that beautiful gift of being able to heal conflicts and bring people together. However, Peacemakers often pay the price by being complacent, minimising their own desires, and acting inauthentically to keep the peace and avoid problems. 

For us, our Home fragrance offers a sweet nostalgia that takes us right back to our childhood. It fosters feelings of stability and the bliss of revisiting beautiful moments from our past - think the smell of baked fruit… which, for us, is just like Christmas by a campfire. Reconnect to your inner child, recall that authenticity and freedom of self-expression. Come back to the ritual of lighting Home when you need to remember your true essence and embody that in your life. 

Now, it’s time to try these pairings for yourself. Find out your Enneagram type and enjoy the ritual of lighting the perfect fragrance for you. And, don’t forget to let us know your thoughts.

Enjoy x 

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