Our Kin: Amy Lea | Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Amy Lea is magnetic. You only have to watch Amy’s soul lead instagram videos, attend one of her online workshops or book a coveted 1:1 Human Design reading to know that she is in perfect alignment with her purpose in life.  Being in her presence, even virtually, is like a giant energetic hug. 

Here we explore her transition from the business world to being a full time Energy and Soul Medicine Practitioner (and we ask all the questions about what on earth that actually is!).

Tell us a little about the early years of Amy, what did you think you’d be when you grew up?

I was always creative but never felt like I really excelled at one thing, I always felt like I was ‘good’ at multiple things. I felt a lot of confusion growing up about who/what I wanted to be, I mostly knew that I wanted to work for myself at some point. When I was really young, early high school years, I thought I would be an interior designer which is still an interest of mine.

Who modelled success for you in those early years?

My Grandparents were a big inspiration for me, they both come from very humble beginnings and together built a successful company. My Mum was also a model of success for me, she was always the breadwinner in her relationships and in our family and I believe my work ethic and drive stems from her example.

You started out with a career in business. When did you transition to working for yourself, and how did astrology and human design shape your direction?

They did!! I have crafted my business based on what I see in my astrology and human design, those modalities really helped me to get clear about how I am here to be of service, what my genius is and how my energy works. I’m a 5/1 Projector and just knowing that about myself helped me to see that the work I was doing, whilst I was good at it, wasn’t aligned for me long term. I always liked my roles in my career but something always felt ‘off’ energetically and now I know why. 

My HD and astrology also helped me in aligning with my own flow and rhythm, something that I could never do in my career. I now know that I thrive with variance and fluidity in my day, when things are too structured or routine it feels suffocating to me. 

I transitioned out of my career in March 2020 into my business full time! I had spent the two years prior running my business on the side, seeing clients at night and on weekends. It was a slow transition, I was cautious that I didn’t want to leave my career too soon and drop into survival mode. I was really careful to support my nervous system through the transition.

What was the biggest hurdle when you first went into business for yourself?

Getting my name and work out there. I was terrified when I first started my business website and instagram of what my friends and family would think because my work is quite unusual. Taking the leap to start putting myself out there was the biggest hurdle for sure. Then the hurdle became how to get my work seen by more people. It took me 18-months to get clear about how I wanted to show up on Instagram (which is my main marketing platform) but once I was clear and really aligned it started to flow. The other big hurdle has been deconditioning from the idea that I need to work all of the time. I was very conditioned to equate my worthiness to my productivity from my corporate career, and if I am honest I am still decommissioning from that belief system. It’s a slow process but I have been trying to soften and embrace working less (which is part of my design). When you have your own business it can be so easy to over work because you are so passionate and because there is always the fear that the flow of money could stop at any time. Decommissioning from the time for money narrative has been huge.

What exactly is Human Design and how does it differ from astrology?

Human Design is a modality that is based on astrology, the chakra system, the i-ching and the kabbalistic tree of life. It basically gives you an energetic road map to help you understand yourself and your energy field more. Human Design can show you your energetic blueprint to which helps you navigate life, business and relationships with more ease.  It differs from astrology in a lot of ways yet they work together so beautifully which is why I use both modalities, I actually feel like I don’t have a complete picture of a person without both. They both show different energetic traits and what I like to think of as the frequency of your soul. To me, Human Design is a really yang modality that is quite specific about certain things, whereas astrology is more yin and open to intuitive interpretation. 

How might someone use Human Design to shape the way that they work, live and rest? What are the benefits?

Understanding your human design can show you how to manage your energy and I always say that energy is the currency of the future. It can help you structure your days, find your unique rhythm, know how to make aligned decisions, understand your cycles of rest etc. It can even help you understand how you digest information and food, what your ideal environment is,  how strategic you are meant to be, how your intuition works etc. The chart can show you so so much. It can also give great insights into your ‘conditioning’ which is subconscious beliefs, patterns and emotions that you have taken on from the people around  you.  It is hugely beneficial to individuals, families and even teams. Understanding yourself and the people around you is so important and appreciating the energetic differences you all have. 

You coach a lot of business owners, is there a common theme or challenge that seems to come up over and over again? And what advice do you have for that challenge?

I see a few key themes coming up with business owners. Pricing is a big one that I am seeing at the moment, with a lot of business owners under pricing their services or products out of fear. The thing with pricing is that it acts as the interface between your soul clients and soul work and if the pricing is off it makes it almost impossible for the right clients to find you. So even when we under price and think we are doing a good thing, if it isn’t in alignment with the product or the value you are providing, it will actually deter your soul clients. 

Pricing in integrity and alignment is so important but so many of us get it wrong. I like to price and sell ‘soul down’, which means that I start with the soul of my business/offer and tune into what the most aligned price is and I get really clear on how it is helping people, then I tailor everything to that and trust that it will be in alignment with my soul clients. Whereas a lot of people price and sell from the customer up, which means that they pick pricing and manipulate their sales tactics to suit what they think their customers want. This usually isn’t in alignment with the energy of the work so it lacks that coherence that is so important. 

When it comes to rituals that bring you back to your true essence, what do you do when you have -

2 minutes: I do a quick breath work practice throughout the day, just 2 minutes dropping in and breathing deeply really centres me


15 minutes: I like to light some incense and do some gentle yin yoga or stretching


An hour: If I have an hour then I love to turn my phone off and meditate, I love knowing that I can’t be contacted for that brief amount of time. Or I like to take my dog for a walk along the beach.  


Reading: I am always reading several books at once! I am just getting into A Discovery of Witches and I am rereading Soul Centered Astrology by Alan Oken. 


Watching: Mostly YouTube and Gaia TV at the moment. I tend to binge TV series then have a big break from them. The last show I watched was The Queen’s Gambit which I loved! 


Listening: I listen to a lot of soft acoustic music, at the moment I am really into cello covers by Brooklyn Duo. 


Smelling: I love my ‘Home’ incense from Kin North and my Roses candle from Diptyque. 

Eating: I always enjoy a Loco Love chocolate, they’re my ultimate self-care. I am normally really inconsistent with how I eat and like to have a variety of different foods in a week, nothing is consistent! But for the last few months, I have been obsessed with one breakfast which is eggs, tomatoes and a bit of goats cheese. I think I have eaten this every morning since August which is wild for me! 


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