Our Kin: Sophie McGrath | Melbourne, Australia

I don’t believe in having one ‘job’ and I plan to take an interesting route in terms of my career journey. In basic terms, I want to contribute to this world in more ways than one, have various sets of skills and just do really cool shit. 

I honestly had no idea what I wanted to do growing up it changed on the daily. I vividly remember the stages where I wanted to be a Fashion Designer, a Nun and a Teacher. I just knew I wanted to be creative in some capacity and help people, which is what I think a lot of humans crave, it’s what we’re designed for, right?

My Dad has an unstoppable work ethic and authentic nature; people are so drawn to him and his kind heart and savvy brain. He had his own business before he retired and that was such a good thing to see growing up. I had a live-in experience and understanding that you can most definitely forge your own way in this world. I think I was forever destined to be my own boss! 

I run my own PR company, am a certified yoga teacher, I’m currently working on formulating a sunscreen (harder than I thought!) while also building a community called TRASHLADIES which will see local communities come together to pick up trash and learn about our crazy reliance on single-use plastic. 

My career has seen me stick at PR for just over a decade - seven years with various agencies before I started my own PR and Events business in the middle of 2015. I’ve never worked harder.  There were long nights and very early starts and so instead of taking care of myself and making time for me in the mornings, I’d head straight to the computer at around 6am and start the day’s work. I always felt the need to be available to anyone at anytime, all the time

I’m an anxious person and this behaviour just fuelled my anxiety - I’d think of the 500+ things I’d have to do and just get on with it. I thought that’s what was expected of me as a new business owner and that I had to wake up and go straight to the computer. But, it was such a nonsense and really no way to work.

I soon realised that people want to work with me and that I got to set the rules and boundaries. I started to use my mornings for me and took myself to yoga classes. I found it so enjoyable, a true hobby and a great way to disengage from my hectic work life.

I’m lucky enough that I get to choose how I work and when I work. On the days I am not feeling as proactive, I make up for it on other days when the energy and the work mode is switched well and truly on! 

I have a very clear working day too and it’s set by having me time on each side, yoga in the morning and high intensity strength training most week nights. Every morning you can see me at my local café, enjoying an oat milk latte slowly and reading the newspapers, that time is sacred to me.

My weekends are for me too and my loved ones. I rarely work on weekends and if I do, it’s usually just for my benefit and to get on top of things so my week or month ahead isn’t too stressful. My weekends are often spent in nature. I am lucky enough to have beautiful Yarra Bend Park at the end of my street that I try and escape to and discover new sites and pick up any trash along the way (it’s really meditative!

Sleep is key too. I’m very disciplined at trying to get to bed as early as I possibly can and maintain a ritual including a hot shower, a diffuser by the bed, trying to read a couple of pages of a book and not trying to reach for the phone!

Don’t be fooled, it has taken me a while to get to this point, but these are now just some of my non-negotiables and help me find my equanimity.

Turning 30 I’ve never felt more aligned. I’ve got a long way to go but I feel as though now more than ever I truly am understanding who I am, want I want to be in this life and slowly peeling back the layers to show the world my true self. My life is exciting. I am constantly learning and try to be 100% engaged. I truly believe that figuring out what sets you alight, what your passions are, and turning that in to your work helps you align your life. 

Success to me is living my life on my own terms. Looking back on my life I want to celebrate everything I did in the face of fear from starting multiple businesses with little to no idea and taking chances however big or small. I want to be remembered for my enthusiasm, my hideously empathetic nature, my active engagement in society on issues involving the environment and the general well being of humans.

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