Kin North In the Press


Founder Tresna Lee sits down with culture magazine Broadsheet to talk about the wonderful world of scent and taste pairing. The article delves into which fragrances pair with coffee, gin, wine and whisky showing you how to masterfully pair incense to enhance your sensory experience.

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Homes to Love

In a blog rounding up 12 of the best self-care essentials to make a haven out of your home, Homes to Love features Home Japanese incense. The magazine highlights Home's luxurious scent and how it brings you into your zone and deepens your connection with yourself.


The Interiors Addict

Regarded as a stylish and more sophisticated version of the incense you burned as a teenager, The Interiors Addict celebrates sensory treat that is Kin incense.

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Spa and Clinic interviews Kin North's own Tresna Lee to discuss how spas can utilize scents to evoke a feeling of calm and tranquility. Tresna also dives into how scents elevate our mood and forge strong associations with our fondest memories. 

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In another blog feature, the wellness magazine lists luxury gift ideas for the elegant shopper. And of course, it couldn't do without the Tokyo Kodo Baby Angel incense that comes in a set with Tsuboto Pearl Clear Gold Lighter and Benesse Incense Holder.


Habitus Living

Home Japanese incense joins Habitus Living's curated holiday gift guide. Made for those who enjoy gifting a sensorial experience, the guide features only the most exquisite pieces for your home. 

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