Hello there friend,

You have unlocked secret resources that we curate for Kin who have purchased or have been gifted, Home - the incense.

Expect ongoing additions to this page - it’s worth bookmarking so you can return again as needed.

1. A curated playlist to guide you home. With over an hour of soulful tunes that will help you go deeper and connect to self.

2. A sound meditation created just for us. Perfectly timed to play while you burn a stick of Home incense.

  • Find a quiet space and listen to this recording ideally with headphones.

  • Adjust the volume to experience different levels of vibration.

  • You may like to have a journal and pen nearby for any “ah-hah!” moments that arise.

  • Be sure to drink plenty of water afterwards.


3. Join Sarah McGrath, as she guides us in a 18 minute yin yoga sequence to guide us home.